18 november 2014

DETAILS ____________ green love

                                           My fave green right now, eucalyptus twig!  

12 november 2014


Sometimes a picture can tell you more than thousands words. I love everything with this location that was under a bridge in Stockholm, we where shooting new pictures there today to webb shop. Can´t wait to start editing them and to show you all the new stuff that is coming to the shop soon.

10 november 2014

RESIDENCE ______ shades of pastel

The latest issue of Residence is now out in stores, where my inspiration work is featured. The aim was to capture the light and calm shades of pastel, which I find contrast beautifully to the dark fall weather we're facing these days. My absolute favorite products in the picture are the candlesticks by Stenhuggardottern.

Photo and styling / Annaleena Leino Karlsson
Styling assistant / Emmie Bjernvinge
location / Gulled Stockholm 

4 november 2014

one pic_______________ structure

This picture is from todays photoshoot in a bathroom, taken only a few hours ago. 
I've loved marble for a long time, so much I was sure I would get tired of it.
But I haven't. Its distinct structure still amaze me. To me, it feels vivid, almost as if the material is living its own life!

30 oktober 2014

SALLE DE BAINS _____ latest work pics

Here comes a sneak peek of something that I have been working with lately. Bathroom styling. More of it later... :)

21 oktober 2014

I I T T A L A __________ annaleena + kuukuna

When I was asked to show Iitalas new lamp kuukuna at my blog, I didn't hesitate. Partly because I grew up with Finnish design and the strong clean expression that Iitala represents, but also because Kuukuna lamp is as if created especially for my home and my style. I love the round organic form and the fact that it is handmade by a glass-blower, which gives it high quality as well as a simple and timeless design. I fell for its pleasant design, but especially its light. Kuukuna lamp glows with a unique warm shade when you turn it on.
Kuukuna was originally designed in 1986 by the master craftsman Oiva Toikka and made by expert glass blowers in Iittala’s atmospheric Finnish workshops.  And now Iittala has dug into its archives and decided to resurrect this mouth-blown glass light. Im very happy for that.

14 oktober 2014

OPUS ______________

Earlier this year I was working as set designer for the German clothing brand Opus and for their fall/winter 14 collection. The Opus catalouge and the fashion newsletter was produced by the amazingly talented studio Strada and it was photographed in Stockholm. In the catalogue they included also a few extra pages about me and one of my DIY's, which was fun. I find it interesting to combine interior with fashion, and I would love to participate in more collaborations of that kind in the future. 

1 oktober 2014

BLOOC _____________ småstaden

Here are the official pictures from the Blooc house where I made the interiors this fall. I you have questions about the house or the products you can mail them to camilla@blooc.se
The pictures are styled and photographed by me with the help of my sweet assistant Emmie Bjervinge. 

8 september 2014

DIY ______________ room divider

For the latest number of La Petite Magazine I made a DIY. As you can see on the pictures, it is a room divider. I promised to show it on the blog and include instructions, so here we go:

To make a room divider is really easy. 

You'll need:
Two particle boards / in dimension 140 x 80 cm
18 screws
Three hinges

How to: 
Screw the particle boards with the hinge. Paint the boards with Jotun lady color paint code S1510-Y40R. Done!

3 september 2014

ONE PIC ___________natural

My work in the latest Residence, inspired by nature. Styling and photo by me.